Why Buying A Wedding Album Might Be The Best Thing You Ever Do

Wedding albums . . .

They’re one of those things you don't think about when planning a wedding. And after paying so many wedding-related expenses, the last thing you probably want to do is drop even more money after your big day is over.

But aside from your rings and dress (which, in 20 years may not fit anymore), there are very few wedding items that last more than 24 hours, let alone keepsakes that you can treasure for years to come. That’s where a wedding album is so valuable, and might be worth the investment for you.

You can’t relive seeing your bride walk down the aisle, or drink those delicious cocktails again in person, but you can do it through photos. Here’s five reasons why I think every couple should buy a wedding album:

It marks the start of your family legacy


A wedding album is a precious family heirloom that you can pass down to your children, and their children. It gives an insight into your world as a young couple and can spark interesting conversations with family and friends. A wedding album can even start traditions—like sitting down every anniversary to look through it with your family. As English writer Anthony Burgess said, “It’s always good to remember where you come from and celebrate it. To remember where you come from is part of where you’re going."


Digital files can be lost

Modern technology evolves quickly. Twenty years ago, there was VCR. Ten years ago, DVDs. Now both have become mostly obsolete. While I will safely store your photos in a Digital Album for up to two years, after that it’s your responsibility. As a photographer, I’ve experienced the deep sense of loss that comes with broken hard-drives and corrupted memory cards. A wedding album is great additional insurance for inevitable technology failure.

It's tangible


You probably have a few thousand photos on your phone that you’ve promised yourself you’ll sort through one day. But have you ever actually done that? These days, everything is stored (usually in a disordered mess) on the cloud. Don’t your wedding photos deserve better than that? You’ve invested so much in your wedding day. Your photos have earned the right to be reminisced on, looked through and shared with family and friends. Scrolling and clicking with the trackpad just doesn’t bring the same warm, fuzzy feeling as turning a physical page.


You control how your story is told

Rather than feeling overwhelmed flicking through 500+ digital photos, your wedding album is a hand-picked collection of your favourite memories, displayed across 30 pages. I’ll guide you through the process of designing your album—everything from the layout, to the dimensions, cover material and colour. Together, we’ll curate the photos that tell your love story best.


It's high quality, built to last

Handmade, locally printed and 100% Australian made, the wedding albums I source are of the highest quality. They come with beautiful cover options (linen, leather, vegan leather), luxurious matte paper, professional fade-resistant ink and invisible binding for seamless panoramic photos. In other words, your album’s going to look gorgeous sitting on your coffee table, ready for friends and family to leaf through and celebrate your happy memories with you.

If you’re feeling uncertain about ordering a wedding album or have any questions about the process or options, flick me an email and I’ll get back to you ASAP. I’m here to help!

Love always,

Mitch X