A seasoned professional in the world of event photography, Mitch has a keen eye for capturing the essence of elevated events. With years of experience working in the industry, he understands the importance of creating images that convey the sophistication and elegance of each event. From intimate soirées to large-scale productions, Mitch brings his personalised approach and expertise to every project. Each commitment is custom quoted to meet the client's needs, please reach out via email to discuss further.

With a belief in capturing weddings as they naturally unfold, truthfully and authentically. His approach is to document the unnoticed, intimate moments that make each love story beautiful and real while avoiding staging or forcing anything. By doing so, he creates a timeless collection of images that perfectly encapsulate the emotion and romance of life's most cherished moments. Each wedding is custom quoted to meet the unique needs of your day. Reach out via email to discuss further.