Why An Engagement Photoshoot Is A Total Gamechanger

So, you’ve decided to tie the knot with your best friend! Congratulations, I’m so excited for you! Maybe you’ve already popped the question and want to celebrate the milestone with your other half. Or maybe you’re still working up the courage and want to capture their genuine surprise when you ask, “Will you marry me?”. Either way, hiring a professional photographer is lots of fun and will preserve your memories in a special way. To some, engagement photos may seem like an extravagance, to others they're a great investment. If you’re on the fence about hiring me—or any professional—for an engagement shoot, here are four things to consider:


It's a great opportunity to "try before you buy"


Eventually, you’ll want to book a wedding photographer. It’s a pretty saturated market—how can you know you’ll be happy with your choice? (Hint: you can test them out for your engagement).

An engagement shoot is a great way to talk to your photographer in a casual and fun way. It’s also a good opportunity for them to learn how to capture you and your partner best.


You can practice for the real thing

If you or your partner are a little shy or awkward in front of the camera, an engagement shoot makes great training ground. It’s totally normal to feel anxious or weird if you’re not used to it (more on that at point #3).

If you want to test out any makeup looks or hairstyles in practice for your wedding, it’s also a great opportunity.

It captures real emotion and it's fun!


An engagement photoshoot is genuinely so much fun. We’ll explore beautiful locations and laugh a lot. I always bring fun prompts and questions that’ll help you feel warmed up and comfortable. Honestly, more than anything, we’re there to have a good time!

A wedding photographers entire job really is to make everyday people feel comfortable in front of the camera. If you think you won't know what to do, that's what my job. I'm more than happy to give you guidance on what to do with your hands, or where to look if you’re unsure what’s natural, but I'm positive with a few small steps we'll capture your natural selves in no time.


It allows you to create personalised stationery for your wedding

This is a more practical consideration. If you’re wanting to include photos of you and your partner in your wedding invitations, on your wedding website, announce your engagement on social media, or have a photo wall at your wedding, it’s the perfect opportunity to get the content you need.

Hopefully that helps you in making your decision, but hit me up if you have any questions. Couples photoshoots with me are a lot cheaper than weddings—$800, discounted when bundled with your wedding photoshoot. Get in touch if you want more details or info on pricing.

Love always,

Mitch X