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chapter 7

Couple Portraits

a chance to capture those timeless images of you and your spouse that you can cherish for years to come.

The couple portrait session is usually the longest part of our photography session your wedding day, lasting around 45 minutes.

While getting both candid and group shots of your family and friends is significant to remembering your day, the couple portraits are some of the most important images you’ll ever have captured of yourselves. So we’ll do our best not to rush this part.



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Choose quality over quantity

Aim for golden hour

You’ve probably heard of “golden hour” before. It’s the period of time—usually about an hour—before the sun is due to set, although this will vary depending on location, time of year and weather conditions.

During this time, the sun is naturally softened by the atmosphere and produces a glow, or “soft box”, which results in glowing skin and rich colours.

I always recommend scheduling your full portrait session in the hour before sunset, if you can. If you cant, I definitely recommend scheduling in 10-15 minutes to sneak out from the reception hall and take some photos while no one is looking.

While it can be tempting to schedule 4 or 5 different locations for couple photos, I recommend choosing only 1 or 2, maximum. Having shot so many weddings now, I’ve found that multiple locations means spending most of your time travelling, rather than actually getting photographs. It can also be stressful if there is traffic, or if things simply take longer than expected. Instead, I recommend looking for areas that are close to your reception hall and easy to travel to. If you’re worried about making the background and location look interesting, leave that to me. I have a few tricks up my sleeve.


Schedule some alone time

At the end of our couple session, I always try to give you both a few minutes to enjoy the sunset on your own, and soak it all in. If you can “officially” schedule this moment into your day, even better. Sometimes this is the only part of your wedding day that you’ll have to yourselves.